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Life Cycle Stages


  • Unexposed Biomphalaria glabrata snails (NMRI, M-line strains, BS-90)
  • Unexposed Bulinus truncatus truncatus snails (Egyptian strain)
  • Unexposed Oncomelania hupensis hupensis (Chinese strain), Oncomelania hupensis quadrasi (Philippine strain) snails


S. mansoni (two Puerto Rican strains: NMRI, PR-1) in:

  • B. glabrata snails (NMRI, M-line)
  • Swiss-Webster female mice or LVG male hamsters

S. haematobium (Egyptian strain) in:

  • Bulinus truncatus truncatus snails
  • LVG male hamsters
  • Swiss-Webster female mice

S. japonicum (Philippine or Chinese strain) in:

  • O. h. quadrasi snails
  • O. h. hupensis snails
  • Swiss-Webster female mice

Cell Lines

Live and frozen B. glabrata embryonic cell line (Bge)


Molecular Reagents

Genomic DNA/Total RNA/cDNA

  • Bge cell line
  • Genomic DNA from S. mansoni, S. haematobium, S. japonicum adult worms (mixed sex and male, female) and their respective snail hosts
  • RNA from various species and life stages
  • Other strains of B. glabrata snails (BB02, BS-90)
  • Biomphalaria pfeifferi

Libraries and oligonucelotides

  • Various libraries from B. glabrata strains and Bge cell line available
  • House keeping gene primers (stability evaluated) for snail hosts and parasites
  • Female sex specific primer of Schistosoma spp.
  • Microsatellite markers of S. mansoni

When publications arise from your work using materials and/or schistosome life stages from our resource facility, we ask that acknowledgment be made to: NIAID Contract No. HHSN272201000005I (see BEI Resources item page for citation information).