Ordering rodents exposed to Schistosoma spp.

Mice infected with either Schistosoma mansoni or S. japonicum, or hamsters infected with S. mansoni or S. haematobium, can be obtained from our facilities under the NIH-funded supply contract. To order these, please be aware of the following conditions and/or restrictions.

1. There will be some delay between ordering and receiving the animals. We do not routinely maintain infected animals at different lengths of infection. We order uninfected animals from the commercial vendor only when your approved NIH requisition is received by us. There is a 1-week acclimation period from the date of receipt at BRI until the animals are exposed to cercariae. Normally, they are shipped to your facility 2-5 days later. Typically, from the time we receive the order, the newly-exposed animals can be in your lab in about 2-3 weeks. In other words, please plan in advance.
2. Please have authorization from your animal care and use committee that these animals will be accepted into your facility. We maintain an AAALAC-accredited facility, and we can supply you or your veterinarian with information on our sentinel animal program and the latest health reports from our animal facility. A copy of the commercial supplier’s health reports for the animals that we infect are included in the shipment to you.
3. If the address of your animal facility is different from that of your lab, please let us know. Otherwise the animals will be sent to your lab.

Please contact Margaret Mentink Kane (mmentinkkane@afbr-bri.com) for more information on receiving Schistosoma exposed rodents from the SRC.